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Face Painting and Special Events

Face painting is creative, fun, and super fast.  I have been face painting for special events since my freshman year of college, and I've never wanted to stop since.  I love the seemingly endless creativity of kids who ask me for whatever design they can think of, so I almost never bring a sample board unless specifically asked.  Aside from my freelance work, I've worked as a face painter for Halloween haunts, amusement parks, and private organizations.  In my experience, there is always at least one child at a birthday party who keeps coming back for multiple designs because they thought up a brand new idea.  This is what keeps me coming back.  I can't help but be thrilled every single time I get to fulfill a child's (or adult's) creativity.  To get housekeeping out of the way, I only use Snazaroo or Mehron on clients, brands which are both safe and formulated for all skin types.  I will also do glitter tattoos or henna upon request for an extra fee.

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