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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for appointments?

I have the philosophy that you're paying for my time, and that my effort will reflect how much time I spend on a project.  My usual rates are $65/hr, be it beauty, bridal, SFX, even birthday party face painting!  I find that this covers the cost of all basic makeup, tools, and taxes.  I may sometimes adjust prices based on the materials I need.  For instance, if I'm asked to do prosthetic sculpting, then I would need to charge for the casting and molding materials, and for the time it takes to produce a single piece of SFX.  Similarly, if I am hired for a wedding and I am asked to do a special hairstyle, I will need to source and purchase all hair accessories for the occasion.  

Do you prefer being hired for beauty or special effects gigs?

It's difficult to decide.  I love all forms of makeup for different reasons.  I enjoy natural "no makeup" makeup looks for the art of subtlety.  It's just as difficult to make a flawless natural look as it is to make a fantasy look, and it's all about mastering the technique, whatever it is.  Since that is a non-answer, let me just say this:  I'm happy as long as I'm doing makeup of ANY sort!

How far will you travel for appointments?

That entirely depends on the job.  I'm currently based in the Washington, D.C. area, but I've traveled as far as New York for gigs.  I do need to add an extra expense if I am to travel further than an hour outside of D.C., which is negotiable.  So please contact me if you have any questions about location-based makeup needs.

Can I use your makeup contacts to discuss non-makeup jobs?

Absolutely, I welcome it! Before I was a makeup artist, I worked as a Graphic Designer, and I've even designed T-shirts and stickers for various organizations and individuals.  I also knit custom scarves!  If you like my makeup and you want to see what other skills I can bring to the table, don't hesitate to ask! I love playing around with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I also draw and design with traditional media.  

What is your dream makeup gig?

If I could do one type of job forever, it would be working on TV shows, especially long-running seasons.  I would get to meet so much talent and work with a wide variety of faces.  Since TV shows may touch on a lot of different themes, that means the makeup design could be different from episode to episode, and I could explore so many different styles on the same talent.  

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